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Keith Rollag

Associate Professor of Management
244 Olin Hall
Babson College
Babson Park, CA 02457
ph. 781-239-5310
fax: 718-239-5272



Research Interests:
Rapid on-boarding and socialization of new employees, social networks, knowledge management, organizational design and human resource strategies for small, fast-growing high-tech startups. Management simulations and web-based instruction.

9/95 – 6/00 

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
Concentration: Organizational Studies
Future Professor of Manufacturing Program

B.S. & M.S. in Chemical Engineering (completed both in four years)

Professional Awards and Honors

2013 Journal of Innovative Education Best Teaching Brief Award  for ‘Increasing Student Interest and Engagement with Business Cases by Turning Them into Consulting Exercises’, by Sinan Erzurumlu and Keith Rollag (Vol. 11, No. 4)

2013 Decision Sciences Institute Instructional Innovation Award for submitted conference paper “ The Power of ‘20 Questions’: Increasing Student Interest and Engagement with Business Cases by Turning Them into Consulting Exercises, Sinan Erzurumlu and Keith Rollag, Babson College

2013 Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Executive Education (given by Babson College)

2005 New Educator Award, given by the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society to a new management professor. The award recognizes a person who has shown early promise to make a difference in the field of management education, bringing new ways of thinking about leadership, teamwork, and employee motivation. Presented at the OBTC Conference, Scranton, PA, June 2005.


Rollag, K. (2015) What to Do When You’re New: Hot to Be Comfortable, Confident and Successful in New Situations”. AMACOM, New York.

Published/Accepted Papers:

Parise, S., Guinan, PJ and Rollag, K. (2014) Jumpstarting the Use of Social Technologies in Your Company. Business Horizons, Vol 57(3) 337-347.

Erzurumlu, S. and Rollag, K. (2013) Increasing Student Interest and Engagement with Business Cases by Turning Them into Consulting Exercises.  Journal of Innovative Education 11(4) pp. 359–381

Rollag, K. and Billsberry, J (2012). Technology as the Enabler of a New Wave of Active Learning. Journal of Management Education. 36(6) p.743-752.

Rollag, Keith (2012). Socializing the “Other” Organizational Newcomers – Customers, Clients, and Guests.  In Wanberg, C. (ed). The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Socialization. Oxford University Press. New York.

Hunt, J. Langowitz, N., Rollag, K. & Hebert-Maccaro (2011) Entrepreneurial leaders:  Learning from and leveraging self-awareness.  In Greenberg, D. & McKone-Sweets, K. (eds.)  The New Entrepreneurial Leader:  Developing Leaders Who Will Shape Social and Economic Opportunity. Berrett-Koehler.

Rollag, Keith (2010) “Teaching Business Cases Online Through Discussion Boards:  Strategies and Best Practices.” Journal of Management Education, 34(4) 499-526.

Parise, Salvatore and Rollag, Keith (2009), “Emergent Network Structure and Initial Group Performance:  The Moderating Role of Pre-Existing Relationships.”  Forthcoming in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Rollag, Keith (2007) “Defining the Term “New” in New Employee Research,” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Volume 80, Number 1, March 2007 , pp. 63-75(13)

Cross, Rob; Parise, Sal, and Rollag, Keith (2006), “Rapid On-boarding and the “New” Newcomer,” in Gandossy, Robert editor “Workforce Wakeup Call,” John Wiley & Sons.

Rollag, Keith (2005), “Just the Same but Five Times as Fast: Reflections on a Visit to Chinese Manufacturing and Management Education,” Babson Insight, November. www.babsoninsight.com/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/850

Greenberg, Danna and Rollag, Keith (2005), “Chris Pierce and the Yankee Donut Company: An Email Based Simulation that Introduces Students to the Complexities of Management and Organizational Behavior” Journal of Management Education, Vol. 29, No. 4; p. 564-58.

Rollag, Keith and Parise, Sal (2005), “The BikeStuff Simulation: Experiencing the Challenge of Organizational Change,” Journal of Management Education, Vol. 29, No. 5; p. 769 – 787

Rollag, Keith; Parise, Sal, and Rob Cross (2005), “Rapid Readiness Required,” Contingent Workforce Strategies, July/August Issue, p. 30-32.

Rollag, Keith; Parise, Sal, and Rob Cross (2005), “Getting New Hires Up to Speed Quickly,” MIT/Sloan Management Review, Winter Issue, p. 35-44.

Rollag, Keith (2004), “The Impact of Relative Tenure on Newcomer Socialization Dynamics” Journal of Organizational Behavior. Volume 25, Issue 7. Pages 853-872.

Rollag, Keith; Parise, Sal, and Rob Cross (2004), “A Relational View of Rapid On-boarding: Getting Newcomers Connected and Productive Quickly,” Research Paper, Working Knowledge Research Consortium, Babson College.

Rollag, Keith (2002), “Fast Growth – Successful Managers Offer a Peek,” Boston Business Journal, June 28 – July 4.

Rollag, Keith (2002), “Fast Organizational Growth: Ten Insights From Successful Managers.” Babson Insight, April 2002.

Rollag, Keith (2001), “How Fast Growth Promotes Rapid Socialization in Entrepreneurial Firms” Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research 2001.

Rollag, Keith (1997), “How Startups Motivate New Engineers“, IEEE Spectrum, New York, November p. 58-59

Business Cases, Simulations, and Technology-Based Materials:

Rollag, Keith (2012).  “The Ready 4 Anything Organizational Design Simulation.”  Developed for FME (an integrated undergraduate course), students assign tasks to various members of a fictional FME business, and periodically measure team member satisfaction.  Helps students experience the organizational design challenge of entrepreneurial startups.

Rollag, Keith (2012)  “Off to the Races – A Group Decision-Making Simulation”  Designed to simulate group-based decision-making and risk-taking, teams of participants play individual bettor roles in a betting “syndicate,” analyzing historical horse race information to collectively make bets on horse races, competing against other teams.

Rollag, Keith (2012) “Words with Frenemies”.  Designed to demonstrate Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, participants frequently receive Scrabble tiles and compete and collaborate with each other to form words.  With each round the simulation becomes more uncertain, requiring a shift from predictive to creative strategies to remain successful.

Rollag, Keith (2005), “Managing Conflict on Project Teams,” Web-based interactive “toolkit” that focuses on the different conflict-handling styles students use to resolve conflict and gives advice on how to resolve conflict and tension on teams. Funded by the Alden grant.

Rollag, Keith (2005), “Dealing with Problematic Behavior on Project Teams.” Web-based interactive “toolkit” that gives advice on how to deal with Free-Riders, Dictators, Procrastinators, and other problem types commonly seen on project teams. Funded by the Alden grant.

Rollag, Keith (2005), “Effective Teamwork in Student Project Groups.” Web-based interactive “toolkit” that provides nine secrets for highly effective teams, including discussion of Tuckman’s “Forming, Storming, Norming” as well as social network analysis. Funded by the Alden grant.

Parise, Sal; Rollag, Keith, and Vic Gulas (2004) “Montgomery Watson Harza and Knowledge Management” Babson Business Case #BAB102.

Greenberg, D. and Keith Rollag (2002), “Chris Pierce and the Yankee Donut Company” E-mail based management simulation currently being used in Babson’s integrated undergraduate program.

Rollag, Keith (2002) “The BikeStuff Management Simulation.” Designed to simulate the challenge of IT-based change.

Conference Presentations/Acceptances

Rollag, K.  (2013).  The Quantified Leader:  Using Personal Auto-Analytics and Deliberate Practice to Accelerate Leadership Development.  Webinar given March 12, 2013 for Babson Executive Education.

Rollag, K. (2012).  “Curriculum Design Workshops:  A Tool to Help Navigate the Politics of Curriculum Change,”  presented at OBTC:  Teaching Conference for Management Educators, Brock University, St. Catherine’s Ontario June 23, 2012.

Rollag, K. (2012).  “Group Project Survival Guide:  Online “Talking PowerPoint” Resource for Students and Instructors,” presented at OBTC:  Teaching Conference for Management Educators, Brock University, St. Catherine’s Ontario June 22, 2012.

Lewicki, R. and Rollag, K (2009).  “OBTS Teaching Bootcamp” at the Southern Management Association Meeting, Asheville, NC.  November 11, 2009.  One-day teaching workshop for doctoral students.

Hunt, J., Langowitz, N. Rollag, K. and Hebert-Maccaro, K (2009).  “Integrating Managerial and Career Development into an MBA Curriculum,” presented at OBTC:  Teaching Conference for Management Educators, Charleston, SC, June 11, 2009.

Rollag, Keith, Garstka, S. and O’Leary-Kelly, S. (2008):  “Integrating Business Curriculum”, invited panelist at the AACSB Faculty Conference on Learning and Research, St. Petersburg, FL. June 29-July1.

Rollag, Keith (2007), “Facilitating and Assessing On-Line Case Discussions: Strategies and Best Practices from the Front Lines,” Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA.  June 2007.

Rollag, Keith (2006), “Getting it Right from the Beginning – Successful On-Boarding,” invited talk at the American Electronics Association HR Forum, Portland, OR, October 26, 2006.

Parise, Sal and Rollag, Keith (2006), “The Effect of Network Structure and Role-Sharing on Group Performance in a New Task Environment,” presented at the Academy of Management Conference, August 15, 2006.

Rollag, Keith and Parise, Sal (2006), “Technologies & Metrics to Implement On-Boarding,” expert panelists and presenters on an on-line webinar hosted by the Human Capital Institute. May 16, 2006.

Rollag, Keith and Greenberg, Danna (2005) “Teaching OB in an Integrated Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities.” Plenary session at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Scranton, PA. June 2005

Parise, Sal and Rollag, Keith (2006), “The Effect of Network Structure, Role-Sharing, and Leveraged Ties on Group Performance in a New Role-Task Environment,” Babson Faculty Research Seminar.  March 6, 2006

Rollag, Keith and Parise, Sal (2006), “Traction to Engagement in 90 Days,” expert panelists on an on-line webinar hosted by the Human Capital Institute. February 16, 2006.

Rollag, Keith (2006), “Getting New Hires Up to Speed Quickly,” invited talk at the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce.  April 21, 2006.

Rollag, Keith and Greenberg, Danna (2005) “Teaching OB in an Integrated Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities.”  Plenary session at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Scranton, PA. 

Rollag, Keith (2004) “The Impact of Relative Tenure in Newcomer Socialization Dynamics,” invited presentation at Boston University, September 23, 2004.

Rollag, Keith (2004) “Defining the Term “New” in New Employee Research,” presented at the 2004 Academy of Management Conference, New Orleans, LA, August 6-11.

Rollag, Keith (2004) “The BikeStuff Simulation: Experiencing the Challenge of IT-Based Organizational Change,” presented at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Redlands, CA. June 23-25.

Rollag, Keith, Sal Parise, and Rob Cross (2004) “Rapid On-Boarding: Knowledge Management and the Newcomer.” Presented at the Working Knowledge Research Consortium, Babson College, April 24, 2004.

Rollag, Keith and Cardon, Melissa (2003). “How Much Is Enough? Comparing Socialization Tactics And Newcomer Experiences In Start-Up Versus Large Organizations.” Accepted for the 2003 Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Conference.

Greenberg, Danna and Rollag, Keith (2003), “Electronic In-Box Exercises: Using Technology to Support Student’s Intellectual and Aesthetic Learning about the World of Managers,” Presented at the 2003 Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Springfield, MA.

Rollag, Keith (2002). “First-Week Experiences: A Journal Study Of Newcomers In High-Tech Startups,” Presented at the Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Conference in Boulder, CO. June 5-8.

Rollag, Keith (2001), “How Fast Growth Promotes Rapid Socialization in Entrepreneurial Firms” Presented at the 2001 Babson – Kaufmann Entrepreneurship Conference in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Rollag, Keith (1999), “Collaborative Management of Emergent Constraints: Participant Observation of a Software Development Team” – presented at the 1999 Academy of Management Conference in Chicago.

National Academic Service Activities:

8/09-10/12       co-editor, Special Issue on New Technology in the Classroom, Journal of Management Education

2/07 – 7/08  co-Site Coordinator, Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

  • Co-hosted a national teaching conference at Babson College on June 11-14, 2008.  Broke records for attendance and garnered praise for a highly organized and effective conference.

11/05 – 7/08  Board Member, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

  • appointed to a three- year position as Chair of the Website and Electronic Outreach Committee.  Leading the re-design and expansion of the Society’s website.

11/03 – present   Reviewer Activities

  • Ad hoc reviewer for Human Relations (2007).

  • Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Management Education and the International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management (in 2005).

  • Reviewer for Academy of Management Conference, Organizational and Management Theory, Careers, and Organizational Behavior divisions. Awarded the Best Reviewer Award for the Careers Division at the 2004 Academy of Management Conference.

  • Reviewer for Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

Teaching Experience

8/01 – Present BABSON COLLEGEAssistant/Associate Professor of Management
• Teach organizational behavior to undergraduates and MBA students

  • MOB7010 – Organizational Behavior
  • MBA8500 – Leading Dynamic Organizations in the Information Age
  • IMC2231 and IME2332 – Intermediate Management Core (Organizational Behavior)
  • OEM2313 Organizing for Effective Management (Organizational Behavior)
  • Lucent Technology Financial Leadership Development Program (Human Behavior and Leadership Module)
  • MBA 7302 – Leadership and Human Behavior (Fast Track MBA)
  • MBA 7303 – Managerial Assessment  and Development (Fast Track MBA)
  • MBA7200 – Managing Talent:  Your Own and Others (Full-time MBA)
  • MBA7201 – Creating and Leading Effective Organizations (Full-time and Fast Track MBA)

Consulting Assistant Professor
· In Fall 2000 taught core undergraduate course on organizational behavior
Teaching Assistant
· IE223 Technology and Work (taught lecture on Reengineering)
· IE100 Introduction to Organizational Theory (taught lecture on Leadership)
· IE180 Senior Project Competition (2 of the 3 teams I coached received special honors)

Developed and taught over 75 seminars in eight countries on various topics including:
· R&D Development Process
· Project/Risk Management
· Consumer research (interviews, focus groups,etc.)
· Survey design, analysis, & statistics
· Ethics

Inventive Reasoning (Chem Eng #143)
· For master’s project, developed and taught semester-long course on creative problem solving to 16 undergraduates

Academic Community Service

8/08-7/11 and 5/14-Present   Chair, Management Division

  • Managed 27 full-time and 20 part-time faculty

9/13 – present       Appointments Decision Making Body

  • Seven member elected group that reviews and makes recommendations on all tenure and promotion cases at Babson.

9/12 – 5/14     MBA Core Assessment Committee

  • Evaluate and make suggestions to revised common core.

9/12 –3/15   Faculty Coordinator, CLEO Course in Two Year MBA Program

4/13-9/13         Learning Management System Evaluation Committee

  • Needs assessment and evaluation of alternatives to Blackboard

4/12-4/13         FME OB Redesign Committee

  • Helped re-design core OB class, including development of new sessions and simulation materials

9/12 – 12/12   Graduate Academic Policy Committee

  • Makes curriculum and policy decisions for the Graduate School

1/10-12/10 Co-Chair, MBA Curriculum Revision Task Force

  • Help lead major curriculum revision to our four degree programs.

8/09-6/11  Member, Faculty Workload and Compensation Committee

  • Make recommendations on policies that affect faculty workload such as teaching credit, service expectations, as well as salary comparisons versus benchmark schools.

1/09-6/11  Member, Advisor Committee on Campus Priorities

  • President’s advisory on budget and strategic priorities.

6/07-5/08 and 7/10-7/11  Faculty Coordinator for OEM

  • Coordinate 8 faculty members to roll-out and deliver a new integrated business curriculum for all sophomores at Babson.

10/06 – 3/08  Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

  • Elected as faculty representative to university-wide committee.

6/07 – present  New Faculty Orientation Committee

  • Helped design and execute 1-day faculty orientation in 2007 and 2008

6/06 – 8/07   Design Team for Organizing for Effective Management

  •       Creating sophomore integrated module replacing IME

4/05 – present    Olin/Babson Curriculum Committee.

  • Charged with coordinating curriculum activities on both campuses

12/05 – 5/06  UGDMB Curriculum Implementation Committee

  • Six person committee charged with implementing all the undergraduate management core changes approved by the UGDMB in October 2005..

6/04 – 5/08  IME3 Faculty Coordinator

  • Coordinate 12 faculty members to roll-out and deliver a new integrated business curriculum for all 1st semester juniors at Babson.

10/04 – 10/05  UGDMB Curriculum Re-Design Committee

  • Six-person committed charged with re-designing the undergraduate management core.  Met bi-weekly since November 2004 until UGDMB approval of the proposed changes in October 2005..

6/04 – 2/06  Alden Trust Design Team

  • Helped develop technology-based course materials for Babson’s undergraduate integrated management curriculum.

9/03 – 5/06  Undergraduate Decision Making Board

  • Part of five-person faculty group that approves all curriculum changes at Babson. 

6/03 – 9/04  Intermediate Management Experience Design Team

  • Helped lead the re-design of the sophomore/junior integrated curriculum

6/02 – present  Captain/Co-Captain Faculty Softball Team

8/01 – 12/02    PRT2700 Faculty Advisor (undergraduate advising)

9/02 – 12/02    Faculty Experience Task Force

  • Helped developed a report making recommendations for faculty development and teaching loads for Babson 2008

7/01 – 12/02    Evening MBA Curriculum Redesign

  • Designed and taught a new course combining OB with IT

11/01 – 11/02  Technology Advisory Board/ Advisory Board to CIT

  • elected to a three-year term in November, 2001 to help integrate technology into teaching at Babson.  Board was disbanded in November 2002.

Work Experience

Kobe, Japan
Technical Brand Manager – Paper Products
Technical Training Manager- R&D Far East
· Managed a Japanese product development team designing baby diapers for the Pacific Rim.
· Developed & taught several courses in project/risk management, consumer research, and statistics to R&D engineering and scientists throughout the Far East
· Assisted R&D top management in organizational development activities

8/87 – 1/90 
Cincinnati, OH
Product Design Engineer – Paper Products

U.S. Patent # 5,591,155 Disposable training pant having improved stretchable side panels, issued January 7, 1997

U.S. Patent # 5,575,783 Absorbent article with dynamic elastic feature comprising elasticized hip panels issued November 19, 1996

Community Service:

6/02 – present Boston Bluegrass Union
Newsletter Editor of Bi-Monthly Newsletter “Bluegrass ”(6/02-7/07)
Webmaster for organization website at http://www.bbu.org (6/02-present)
• Help promote bluegrass in the New England area
• Newsletter sent to over 1000 members, bluegrass fans, and promoters


2/99- 6/01 Northern California Bluegrass Society
President and Editor of Monthly Magazine “Bluegrass By the Bay”
· Help promote bluegrass and old-time music in the Bay Area
· Magazine read by over 1000 members, radio DJ’s, bands, and promoters

Guitar, banjo, and piano.  Songwriting.  Golf, bicycling, kayaking. Learning Spanish.

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