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Keith Rollag

Professor: Management Division

Management Division
Olin 244
Babson College
Babson Park, MA

Photo of Keith Rollag wearing suit in front of building and trees

About Keith

I am currently an Associate Professor at Babson College, teaching organizational behavior courses to undergraduates and MBA students. I’m also the Chair of the Management Division. I obtained my Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (with a concentration in organizational studies) in June 2000 from Stanford University.

My research focuses primarily on newcomers. I explore the challenges of getting newcomers up to speed quickly, and the individual and group process revolving around newcomer orientation, training and socialization. I also study social networks and how the web of information flows affects worker productivity and satisfaction. I’ve also written several articles about teaching, and have designed several management simulations, as well as writing cases and teaching materials.

What To Do When You're New

What To Do When You're New book cover

In September 2015 AMACOM published my book “What to Do When You’re New: How to Be Comfortable, Confident, and Successful in New Situations.” It’s a book written for everyone who wants to become better and more proactive in putting themeselves out there to meet new people, join new groups, try new things, and take advantage of the opportunities that will bring them the success and happiness they desire. It’s appropriate for any new situation – joining new companies, attending new schools, joining new clubs and organizations, moving to new neighborhoods, or traveling to new places. Check it out at www.whenyourenew.com and read Chapter One for free.

Besides school, I enjoy triathlons, kayaking, learning Spanish, and bluegrass music. I’m currently the calendar editor and website manager for the Boston Bluegrass Union, New England’s premier source for bluegrass concerts, festivals, and information. I live in Millis, MA with my wife Kathy Harris, daughter Annie, son David, and our two cats

Favorite Links

Teams and Teamwork Library – this was a web page on teamwork materials and exercises that Andy Hargadon and I put together almost 10 years. It hasn’t been updated since, but a few folks have emailed me to say that some parts continue to be useful.