EZ Cater

Chapter 6: Rising to the Opportunities Ahead

As the co-founders shared another week of work, they realized they would have to map out the next steps for growth. More expansion in the US? International? Branching out to smaller order size needs? There were plenty of options to consider. The company was already at 350 employees and growing, with plans to move to new office space. Where should they plant the flag next and would they still be able to be the same company? 

If they grew, what would need to change in the organization and the senior leadership team?  

Could they get to their $1 billion dream? The US business-to-business catering market was estimated at nearly $22 billion dollars [2]. Surely there was room for even more growth by ezCater 

Organization Chart Placeholder
Exhibit 4: Organizational Chart (Placeholder)

[1] Chris O’Brien, “Boston’s ezCater raises $100 million to take its corporate catering platform international,” Venture Beat, June 18, 2018, 9:00 pm. Accessed 9/25/18. 

[2] According to estimates from food industry market research company Technomics, the US catering market had grown to more than $58 billion in 2017, from $38 billion in 2011. The business-to-business segment of that market was estimated at 37%, or approximately $22 billion. See Sara Rush Wirth, “Catering strategy is key to driving off-premises dollars,” Restaurant Business, February 27, 2018. Accessed 12/13/18.