EZ Cater

Chapter 4: Cooking Up Value

ezCater was a two-sided marketplace with restaurants and caterers on one side and business customers on the other. Like many other online platforms, the goal was to be a seamless go-between. In ezCater’s case the goal is to make it easy for the caterers to do business while offering their customers easy access to a wide variety of delicious and reasonably priced food delivered on time.

Meeting the needs of both sides of their marketplace was essential to ezCater’s continued success. For the customers, the ordering process had to be simple. For the caterers, they had to be able to display their passion for food and make a profit. The company put intense focus on both technology and customer service to make that happen. A key ingredient was the technology that enabled easy access to catering options, easy ordering, and easy order tracking and billing.

Customer service was another key to ezCater’s success. While in many sectors customer service was a thing of the past, for ezCater it was their future. ezCater partnered with caterers with a high focus on serving their needs. The goal was to make them as successful as possible through the ezCater relationship. The “cat care” team was devoted to working with caterers to answer any and all questions on a daily basis. In addition, ninjas worked with caterers and customers to ensure that any order was delivered as seamlessly as possible.


ezCater also worked tirelessly to ensure that business customers’ needs were met with customer service ninjas available 24/7 to assist clients. Responding to feedback on social media was another avenue of support. See these Facebook customer reviews. For those making recurring orders, ezCater offered concierge level “white glove service” free of charge.

Video: Long Live Customer Service

Video: White Glove for Everyone

Overall, what really drove the business was the way the organization was run. As Stefania Mallett said, “We are the beneficiaries of the consistency of our culture.”