EZ Cater

Chapter 2: Origin Story

ezCater was founded in August 2007 by Stefania Mallett and Briscoe Rodgers after gaining several restaurant and catering partners in the Greater Boston Area. Over the next few years, the company grew to become the only nationwide marketplace for corporate catering, working with 55,000 catering partners. 

It was in the early 2000s when investors from a company called BuzzPad reached out to Stefania Mallett and asked if she would come in to help some of the younger entrepreneurs of the new company. Through that consulting assignment she met her future co-founder, Briscoe Rodgers. While BuzzPad wasn’t able to pull off a turnaround, Mallett remained impressed by Rodgers’ abilities and Rodgers was equally impressed with hers. Rodgers then hatched a new company called PreferredTime, which was a marketing and scheduling company for businesses in the life sciences. He coaxed Mallett to join that company as CEO, setting the pattern that has remained to this day: Mallett builds the companies, and Rodgers builds the products. It was at PreferredTime that clients asked for help finding food for the marketing meetings that PreferredTime facilitated. Mallett and Rodgers at the time were focused on using high-tech to address the marketing and scheduling business, but they soon realized that the need for corporate catering was significant. When they ultimately shut down PreferredTime due to an inability to raise further funding, Mallett and Rodgers started a company to “make food appear” for corporate events, and ezCater was born and they would go on to raise over $70 million from investors as they built the business. By summer 2018, the company offered a curated list of the best business caterers, they had also demonstrated the ability to serve 33 million people in 22,000 cities across the United States. Mallett was fond of saying, “It all started because we failed at something else.”